Swamped Chapter 140 Page 17

There are a lot more priests around than the last time you were here. They probably disembarked from the ship.

They’re mostly gathered around the crowd of muckbeasts. Probably curious about what’s going on. But as long as they stay over there and don’t get in the way of Long doing whatever it is he’s going to do, it’s not an immediate concern.

Of course, you can’t be sure they’ll stay there, can you. It might be good to head over and make sure there’s no fights breaking out or other distractions.

“Hey! What are you staring at?” Long shouts. “Bring that lantern over here, it’ll help a lot.”

“How?” you ask. Then you notice that the muckbeast’s eyes seem fixated on it.

Well, technically you could hand this lantern off to someone while you attend to the priests, but you have some questions about its origins. So you’re not sure it’s safe to let it out of your sight.

Maybe it’s safest to go along with this plan. If any priests come this way, you should at least be able to spot them coming.

You’re now Arlene. You’ve got a muckbeast egg and a priest following you. You’ve just gone back to your dressing room for something that you think is going to be useful.

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It was once your grandmother’s…