Swamped Chapter 140 Page 14

“I need you to find another entrance to the sewers. Get under the beast and start making noise. Try to startle it.”

“I thought we were trying to calm it down,” you grumble.

“We are. But first I’m going to need to get it out of the hole, and it’s better to do it this way than trying to physically push its feet while it’s agitated. Although if you’d rather do that, I suppose I couldn’t really stop you.”

You suppose he has a point.

“Do I need to bring anything with me?” you ask.

“Not really. Since you’ll be down there, you’re not going to have to deal with the beast directly. We should be set up by the time you get in position.”

Well, you suppose that’s it for conversation. You head down towards Patterson, and find another sewer passage. You lift the cover and make your way down.

Almost immediately, you spot something out of place.

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A lit lantern?