Swamped Chapter 140 Page 10

Much to your surprise, he doesn’t say anything. He just walks away a little bit and motions for you to follow.

After a brief pause to think about it, you decide you might as well get this nonsense over with. You follow Long, and as soon as you get close, he hands you a familiar-looking sausage wrapped in some thin paper.

“Where did you…” you begin to ask.

“My apprentice had quite the story for me when I finally met up with her,” he chuckles. “Anyhow, I just need you to hold onto that for a bit. And, of course, don’t let anyone know you have it.”

You feel as though he’s just been playing with you since the whole conversation began.

“For how long, exactly?” you ask, almost blankly.

“Until the right moment,” he says simply. “As an actor, I’m sure you’ve got the sense of dramatic timing to know when that is.”

You don’t even know how to respond at this point, so you just cover the sausage fully with the paper and stuff it in your pouch.

Long walks back towards the muckbeasts, and all you can think to do is follow him. You spot the Guild worker running back, carrying a bag; must have found the equipment.

But there’s somebody else with him. Someone who doesn’t look like they’re just a worker.

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Resembles one of those military blokes from the hospital