Swamped Chapter 140 Page 8

“I don’t know any of your codewords, if that’s what you’re planning to check.”

You were trying to throw him off, but he just looks amused.

“Codewords? Don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“That Kandria stuff. Sounded pretty odd to me.”

You didn’t think he’d be surprised you noticed, but you thought he’d be more concerned about who might be listening in. What’s throwing you off more is that the smith seems to have no particular reaction – was it just a coincidence she asked about it?

“People from Kandria don’t like to say they are,” Long replies with a chuckle. “Easy for it to lead into trouble. And, well, it’s easier for that to work for them if people who really aren’t from there say the same sort of thing when they’re asked.”

Now you just have no idea where he’s going at all. Which may be the idea. Still, he wanted to check your trustworthiness, so maybe bring the subject back to there but on your own terms.

“Well, all I’m saying is, I understand why you want to know if I can be trusted. But how do I know you can be trusted?”

“All I have to be trusted with is taking care of another muckbeast,” he replies calmly. “And I’ve already dealt with one, so that’s pretty good proof if you ask me. But the swampbeast egg, that’s another matter.”

“And why is it one that should involve you at all?” you ask pointedly.

Long just laughs. For some reason, that gets a visible reaction out of the smith, though it takes you a moment to realize what sort of reaction it is.

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She’s quivering and really upset (about to explode in a rage?) at the idea of someone running off with a swamp beast egg.