Swamped Chapter 140 Page 7

“Saw them runnin’ towards Patterson’s,” the worker says.

Hmm. Might as well do what you can to defuse this.

“There’s a lady in the troupe who likes to wear an animal mask,” you say. “Maybe that was her.”

“Is she in the habit of stealing eggs?” Long asks. There’s a bit of a suspicious edge to his voice.

“Not that I know of. She is a bit of a weird one, though. If you want to investigate, I could come along and try talking to her.”

That could also quickly get awkward, but it’s one of the only ideas you have. Mostly you don’t think it would be helpful to anyone if Arlene and Long got into a fight.

Long glances over at the beast, then his eyes shift down the path towards Patterson’s. Then he seems to glance at something else in the distance, though you can’t tell what.

“Too many things to take care of,” he grumbles. “But I suppose we’re not likely to run into anyone else who can deal with that muckbeast, so I suppose it would be easiest if you had a talk with your troupe-mate.”

“Sure,” you agree readily.

“Assuming, of course,” Long continues, “that you can be trusted with that task.”

Ah. Now you can see where this is going. He’s going to give you some sort of test.

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Preempt him by telling him you don’t know any of that Kandria codeword stuff, if that’s what he’s after.