Swamped Chapter 140 Page 6

Just as you see the Guild worker walk off, you quickly ask your question.

“You seem pretty handy with muckbeasts. You ever handled a swamp beast, though? They grow quite a bit bigger.”

You haven’t really figured out where you’re going with this, but your main goal is just keeping him from controlling the conversation.

“Once or twice. They aren’t very common. I’m surprised you’ve even heard of them.”

And he’s trying to turn it back on you.

“I’m an actor. It came up in a play we were thinking about doing. We decided we didn’t have time to make a swampbeast costume for it, though, so we ended up picking something else.”

You quickly jump into another question.

“So where was it you ran into them?”

“Well,” he says, smirking. “One of ’em was in the swamp just outside this town. Seemed real upset. I think her egg went missing.”

That wasn’t what you were expecting. And you don’t know where to go from there.

But one of the workers does, apparently.

“Funny you mention that,” he says, suddenly interjecting. “I caught sight of a couple of strange characters carrying a real big green egg. One of ’em was wearing an animal mask, and the other was dressed like a priest. Didn’t know what to make of it, but maybe it’s that beast’s egg.”

“Really!” Long says. “And where’d you see them?”

There’s something odd about the look in his eye. But you’ve also got a pretty good guess on who those “strange characters” are, and you don’t know that you want him pursuing them. Even if you tag along to try to clear things up.

So you’ll need to think about how to handle this.

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