Swamped Chapter 14 Page 11

You glance around, and spot the old rope bridge passing by the Knob. It’s not as secure as the walkways at the best of times, and it’s far enough from the bases that it tends to be a low priority for repairs after the rain. It usually takes a couple of months after the storm for it to be in good shape.

But you’re nimble enough that you don’t need the bridge proper. You grab one of the ropes, and carefully climb across without even touching the rotting boards at its base. When you’re close enough, you hop over to the Knob.

“Hey!” Alexander shouts. “That works well enough for you, but I’d like to see the hill for myself. And I’m not light enough to get there the same way you did.”

“I’ll see what I can do from over here,” you call back.

Maybe there’s something you can do about Rider’s beast on this side. Or maybe there’s some other way you can help him across.

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There’s a log you could push into the water, I guess?