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As Rider’s beast swims back to the group of Marshguards, you start heading back towards your own side. You haven’t much time to prepare, but you have a few ideas…


You turn towards the voice. It’s Corporal Alexander, along with three senior knights.

“Captain, are you all right? It’s been chaos back at the base, Burgundy’s been issuing orders because we don’t have anyone specific available…”

He’s concerned, but as he speaks, you can’t help but notice Alexander’s special heavy armor. He’s one of three knights equipped with it; it limits mobility, of course, but you can’t help but think that it would throw Rider off. Of course, it would be reckless to use it for the first time under the circumstances; fortunately, you still remember your test session with it from when the armor first arrived.

Hopefully you remember enough.

“I’m challenging Rider at the Knob,” you say. “Corporal, I’m requisitioning your armor; I believe I’ll need it for the fight.”

“Sir?” He pauses for just a moment, then nods and starts taking off his gear. “Understood. There’s not much time to ask questions if the challenge has been issued already. You three, help me out of this, and help the Captain if he needs it!”

As he takes his armor off, you make a few practice swings with your staff, taking some quick mental calculations as to how it will move differently when you’re wearing the heavy armor.

That’s odd – the weight seems to be off in the staff’s hook. It should be… Did Ash do something while he had the staff? Why on earth…

You don’t have time to think about it. You’ve already worked out how to compensate, though you’ll need to make a few more swings to be sure once you have the heavy armor on. You start taking your own gear off, and dress in Alexander’s soon after. Though you put your cloak around your shoulders afterwards; it’s important to you, after all.

Time’s nearly up. Alexander heads back to base, and the knights help lead you to the Knob. You arrive with about a minute to go, and make a few more swings to confirm that yes, you can fight like this.

Soon, Rider turns up. You can’t help but notice onlookers from both sides gathering as he arrives.

“An interesting choice,” he says, looking you over. He dismounts, and stands a few paces from you. “We’ll begin soon. Ready yourself.”

You take a position on your side of the hill and steady yourself, as Rider does the same.

“Ready!” you declare, staff raised.

“Then on the count of three,” he says, lifting his spear.

“One,” you say.

“Two,” he says.

“Three!” you shout together, and advance.

What’s your first move?

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do a sherlock style breakdown of your enemies weak points and then deliver a quick but deadly series of strikes


Conjure up some WIZARD TRICKS

Not outright offensively (probably too easy to avoid), but more as counter-attacks to throw him off balance and create openings for yourself

You’ve fought Rider a few times before, so you might have a general idea of his style? Maybe there’s something you can exploit there.


You need some solid footing. The Knob is difficult to move around even without heavy armor – Rider knows this and will try to cut you off from the center. You excell as a close range fighter – Rider is more mid range (which complements his use of a mount).

The footing of the Knob is bog-like and flammable – the dome at the center however (John Recordkeeper says that it’s the remnants from a dormant gyser) is solid. Spark the base of the ground as rider approaches – it should ignite whatever swamp gas is nearby and give you the advantage in reaching the high ground. The risk, of course, is that you might sustain some burns.