Swamped Chapter 139 Page 8

“I was losin’ my temper talkin’ to that bastard Flame, so I took out the trash as an excuse to cool down and figure out how to convince him to leave. Then I heard the noise. Ran back in and…”

She stops suddenly.

“Well. I don’t like to think about the scene, that’s all. Especially those poor children. The noise drew attention outside, so I quickly gathered some help and we carried the five of them to the clinic.”

Five? Why’s that feel so weird…

An image flashes through your head of the wizard looking through some hospital files. Four Flames are mentioned. You also have a bit of a headache and really hope that you never have to deal with time magic again when this whole mess is over.

“Hang on,” you say. “I’ve been volunteering at the hospital. I only heard about four Flames being there, though I hadn’t heard the details of the accident up to now. Leonard, Mortimer, Jonathan, and Mona. Who else was there?”

She pauses. The look she’s giving you feels like a combination of “none of your business” and “maybe you’re onto something”.

You start thinking about how you can shift that balance, but before you get anywhere with that, she just tells you the answer.

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The fifth was just the family wizard.