Swamped Chapter 139 Page 5

Well, there’s one angle you can think of to take here. You aren’t entirely sure what the deal is with these red-haired women with similar faces, but she doesn’t know you aren’t sure. You just need to find an opening in the conversation to drop a suggestion you know something.

“Seems like a sketchy story,” she grumbles. “One thing led to another? Surely, if that’s what really happened, you can go into a bit more detail than that.”

She seems pretty upset with you, but to be fair, you brought a criminal into her mother’s house and got her mother knocked out by the criminal’s pet.

“I got asked to by a friend who wound up in the hospital. He had some meeting with that Badger guy. Couldn’t make it due to his injuries, so he asked me.”

“And what was the meeting about, exactly?” she asks pointedly.

Well. It was supposed to be about time magic, but that’s not something you really want to share. Even if you were willing to tell her, you wouldn’t bring it up when there’s so many people around to potentially overhear.

But this might just be the opening you were looking for. If you keep it vague, but suggest it has something to do with her secret, she might be less inclined to press you on it.

You just need to word your answer carefully.

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On the *face* of it, the meeting wasn’t about anything particularly exciting. Something about *copies* of old texts.