Swamped Chapter 139 Page 4

You think it’s worth talking to the smith. Not just because she might be able to clarify what happened during the accident, but because she’s not going to be too happy when she finds out what a mess you made.

She seems pretty annoyed when you get close.

“You’re not going to feed me that line about wearing a costume again, are you? I know armor when I see it. Don’t know what it’s made out of, but you can’t tell me that’s not built for real fighting.”

“It might be. We got it because it looks like armor and it’s waterproof. Good for stagefighting in outdoors performances, just in case it rains.”

She looks at you skeptically.

“And of course, the purple symbolizes shame, which is something we can really get a lot of use out of in shows…”

“Fine. So you’re an actor.” She glares at you. “From the way you carry yourself, you’ve probably been a military sort before being an actor, but I suppose that’s not any of my business.”

That’s probably about as positive a response as you’re going to get.

“So what exactly is an ‘actor’ doing hanging around with these types?” she asks.

“Well, see, the hospital was shorthanded, and I volunteered there, and one thing led to another…”

This really isn’t how you hoped this would go. You think what you need to do is find a way to squeeze in a question of your own.

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