Swamped Chapter 139 Page 2

You don’t really know how to calm the beast down. You saw Rider deal with a few, but you couldn’t tell what he actually did. But you do know a bit about how to make one move – just poke it with a mudpike and it backs away. If the circle moves with it, then it should be easy to guide the beast anywhere.

You don’t have a mudpike, but really, any sort of stick should do. There’s a tree not far off with a branch that looks weak, so you just wander over and snap it off.

You head back over.

“Right. Everyone, move with the beast,” you say. You poke at it, and it backs away; the group of people around it tries their best to follow. It’s a bit awkward, but it does the job.

“Well, that’s something, but if we just lead it over to the main herd, it might upset them and start the whole mess over again,” the leader grumbles.

She’s got a point. You look around and try to figure out the most useful place to lead it.

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Maybe they’d be happier if they ran off into that sewer access. That should drain away from the city, right?