Swamped Chapter 139 Page 1

The main thing is that two of the muckbeasts are still agitated. John Long is currently trying to calm them, but you just noticed that one of them slipped away from him.

So you think it’s best if you deal with the other one. You know more about swamp creatures than most people here, after all. Not as much as Rider, but you’ve picked up a few things.

A few of the Guild folk are already chasing it down. One of them is shouting orders, but she doesn’t seem very confident in them. So you walk up to her.

“I know a little bit about muckbeasts,” you say. “And you look like you could use some help.”

“I’ll try any damn thing at this point,” she grumbles. “We’ve got it surrounded, and it seems confused about where to go, but with how fierce it’s looking, everyone’s too damned scared to get any closer.”

Well, they usually aren’t dangerous, but this one does look pretty eager for a fight. You don’t exactly blame the Guild workers for not going nearer.

Still, you’re pretty sure you know how to handle this situation.

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You just need a long stick