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Maybe before looking for a third point, see what two can tell you. You glance at the line between Selacus and Rostro.

It only misses Port Sarvakken by a hair. And passes through a clearing. There’s no name on the map, but you know what’s there.

“There’s a ruined village here,” you say, pointing at the spot. “It’s right on the line with Selacus and Rostro. Any idea when it was last intact?”

“It was destroyed forty years ago by the Kroskan army,” Badger says. “The heirs to the kingdom of Theletia fled to it after the war, and it seems Kroska didn’t want to risk them trying to reclaim their territory.”

He seems a bit nervous all of a sudden. You wonder for a moment if maybe he lived there, he looks old enough… but no, these don’t seem like the reactions of someone who’s bothered personally. More like you’ve just landed on a subject he prefers to stay away from.

“Well. Do you happen to know the name? I wonder if our mystery translator used it, too.”

He doesn’t look happy at the question at first, but then all of a sudden his eyes light up.

“So that’s why I haven’t been able to find a reference! It’s Theletian!”

You just stare at him. He runs off and comes back with a handful of papers, and thrusts one in your face.

“I came across this and didn’t know what to make of it. I know one Theletian word, and it’s the name of that village. But I hadn’t thought about the name in a long time, so I didn’t recognize it. It didn’t match any of my existing references, but I couldn’t place the origin…”

“And it just now struck you that maybe it’s not quite as old as you thought,” you conclude, glancing at the paper. You immediately recognize the word “ABLUNI” in the title, but the rest is pretty much pure gibberish to you. “But I’m not exactly a Theletian expert either.”

“Sorry,” Badger says, calming down. “I got excited about figuring something out, but it’s probably not anything useful to us right now either. And even if it was, we’d need someone who knows Theletian…”

Hold on. From what Arlene said, Elliot seemed to know something about the village.

“I’ve got an idea. Wait here just a moment.”

You step out, and motion to Elliot to let you have a word away from the others. You lead him around a corner, and show him the page.

“Do you know any Theletian?” you ask.

“Only a bit. Ma taught me when I was little, but I’m way outta practice.” He glances it over. “I can tell you the title, though.”

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