Swamped Chapter 138 Page 6

“Can’t just be money,” you continue. “She gave away whatever she swindled the rich fools out of, and never expected any favors for it. Does it have something to do with this work of yours, studying old folktales?”

Badger doesn’t say anything. He just walks away into one of the rooms, and returns a few moments later with a book.

You’ve still got enough mana root in you to realize just what sort of book it is.

“There’s a spell in there,” you mutter. “Why do you have a book enchanted by my grandmother?”

“That isn’t important,” Badger grumbles, pushing it into your hands. “The book is now yours. This is the one other thing I can pledge. Are you willing to tell me where you found the mana roots now?”

Well. He seems sincere, but you can’t help but wonder why he’s so evasive about the book. Is he ashamed of the contents or something?

You take a quick glance at the title to see if that clarifies anything.

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Dreamers of Alexandra: Secret Passion in the Jungle