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“Namely, your friend here isn’t underwater. The story supposedly comes from the merfolk.” He pulls out a book and flips it open. “Story goes that a powerful human wizard sought to use forbidden magic to control the oceans, or something along those lines. A wizard of the merfolk challenged him, and won by interfering with the forbidden spell’s ether. But even getting that close to forbidden magic had severe effects on her… effects which match up with what I’m seeing of your friend.” He closes the book. “Now, she’s definitely one of the merfolk, but I assume you’d already guessed as much.”

“I had noticed she has a surprisingly popular hair color,” you say, nodding. “Which seems to go with certain facial features. Definitely had no trouble going into deep water. I wasn’t sure on the details, but I also didn’t see a pressing need to ask. So does the story give us any ideas on how we can help her?”

“Sort of. But it seems that the remedy has something to do with the particular forbidden spell that caused it.” Badger gives you a meaningful look. “So I’m hoping you can tell me what you know about her situation.”

Well. You didn’t cast the damn spell, so you don’t think there’s anything to be gained from hiding what you know about it. So you tell Badger about the strange structure underwater, and the slimy stuff, and all the trouble you had getting the beast egg out from the core.

“Well, it definitely sounds like some form of forbidden magic was involved there,” Badger nods. “So if I extrapolate from the story, and what you told me, then I have an idea of how we might be able to help her. Not that it’s going to be easy.”

“We can figure out how to do it after you tell me what it is,” you say pointedly.

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