Swamped Chapter 137 Page 15

Well, the best way you know to convince someone who already thinks you’re lying is to work in enough truth to make them doubt their instincts.

And you can pretty clearly see some muckbeast tracks nearby. Quite a few, actually. Maybe it was the same stampede you caught a glimpse of.

“All right, fine. Truth is, I got some muckbeasts after me. I just want to hide out inside until they lose interest. Don’t have a lot of friends in this town, and I’m not that close with the few I have, so this seemed like the best place to do it.”

Most of what you said is true, even. Only thing you’re leaving out is that the muckbeasts stopped chasing you and somebody else started to.

“I can ask Spade, but I doubt he’ll say yes,” the guard says cautiously. “Stay right there.”

But just as the guard goes in, a rather unassuming man steps out.

“Mr. Badger, sir!” the guard says. “This lady’s been trying to get in. Says she’s being chased by muckbeasts. I don’t think so, but…”

“Actually, I had some questions for her,” Badger replies. “So you may as well bring her in.”

Huh. That was easier than you thought. Which means they’re probably going to be harder questions than you’d like.

Well, you’re not one to pass up an opportunity. The guard gives you a dirty look as you walk past, but whatever. Not like you ever need to talk to them again.

As soon as the doors shut behind you, though, Badger asks his opening question.

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Would you describe mana root’s flavor as “bitter,” “sweet,” or “bittersweet?”