Swamped Chapter 137 Page 14

You’ve been staying here, which is a nice starting point for making an excuse to go in.

“Well, if that’s taken care of, can I get in my room now?”

One of the guards looks at you skeptically.

“Thought you actors were heading out at daybreak. You mean you haven’t cleared out yet?”

“Oh, I made a show of it for the boss, but there was something I didn’t want him catching a glimpse of,” you reply. “Figured I’d find time to slip back and take care of it. And now I have, so I’d really like to take care of it.”

“What’s it look like?”

“Now, look here, it’s personal,” you say, making an effort to sound offended. “I don’t want you catching a glimpse of it either.”

“Well, we can’t go just letting anyone in,” the guard replies. “So I guess it stays in there.”

“Fine then!” you snap. “Then you can take responsibility when it’s feeding time. I’ll be well out of town by then.”

You add a look of concern at the end, as though you realize you’ve made a mistake.

“You think I’m falling for that? You’re an actor. You could tell me the moon turned to silver and sound like you believe it.”

Ah, the inconveniences of fame. It seems you’re going to need another sort of approach with this fellow.

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Go with what you know. Wild muckbeasts are a concern tonight.