Swamped Chapter 137 Page 7

Most of what you hear sounds like the wind. Loud winds. The human seems to be moving away along with one of the muckbeasts, and the other beast seems to be on the other side of the alley.

That might give you enough space to take a peek. You lift up the lid ever so slightly to create a gap…

And a small bit of dirt immediately goes flying through it. Good thing you hadn’t gotten your head into position yet. What little you can see from here suggests there’s some sort of whirlwind… maybe that scared the beast?

Well, when it seems clear enough to risk a look, you get your head up closer. It’s true the beast has moved, but it doesn’t seem particularly scared… instead it’s poking at the door on the opposite side. In much the same way you imagine it was poking at this trash box. Maybe it’s confused about where it is?

In that case, it seems safe enough to escape. Even if the human spots you, they’ll be occupied with the beast and have a hard time doing anything about it. You open the lid a little more, and glance in that direction, just to check if they’ve got a good view of you.

It seems they’ve turned around. All you can see is the back of their coat… and the corpse floating beside them.

The other muckbeast has a whip tangled on its leg. The person in the coat is pulling on the whip, but the beast doesn’t seem to be resisting much… perhaps due to magic.

Well. The coast is as clear as it’s going to be for a while, you suppose. So it’s definitely going to be your best chance to get out for some time.

The question is what exactly you do after that.

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