Swamped Chapter 137 Page 6

Your first thought is that things would be a lot easier if you could wake her up. Then you see her arm moving a little. But her eyes still seem to be closed… Are these just involuntary movements? Or is she starting to wake up? She did speak before, so she can’t be that far gone…

And in fact, her lips are starting to stir.

“Revolution,” she whispers. Then you realize it – she’s casting.

But you don’t see any effect here. Did it do something outside? You can’t really figure out what a spell with a name like that is supposed to do.

Unless you risk a peek outside the box, your only clues are what you can pick up from the sounds and the auras. So it’s probably best to figure out what you can before planning your next move.

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Well, it sounds really windy, but the auras indicate the one muckbeast is now extremely interested in something on the *other* side of the alley.

Author’s Note:

I wanted a vague spell name that would confuse Minnie, but I didn’t have a particular idea for it. So I ran through a random word generator until I got something that seemed fitting.