Swamped Chapter 137 Page 3

You happen to notice a chunk of limestone on the ground. Glancing at the nearby wall, you see where it must have fallen off. If you had more time, you’d be inclined to investigate it to see if it’s simple decay or if someone broke it… which means it’ll most likely catch Crow’s attention sooner or later.

You can probably boost those chances. First, though, you need a note, so you write one quickly. “At the old theater. – Min

That’ll be good enough. You shove it in the crack. Then you pick up the chunk of limestone, and doodle a crow on it before cramming it back in place as best you can.

It’s a good signal, but the problem is that you’ll need him to take a look this way. You could make noise, but you’re not sure you can make a loud enough one to drown out the muckbeasts…

Suddenly, the lighthouse horn goes off. It doesn’t affect you much any more, but the beasts weren’t expecting it. As the sound fades, they pause in confusion.

Well. No time to give it more thought. You squawk wildly. Nobody could mistake it for a real bird, so it’s sure to draw attention.

And it does – from the muckbeasts. Two of them start walking towards you. But whatever was going on with their auras seems to have stopped.

You don’t really have time to ponder that, though. They’re picking up speed. You can outrun them without much trouble, but you feel like it would only complicate matters to have a pair of muckbeasts on your tail. It would be far better to shake them off before they can cause you any trouble.

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Into the alley way! Hide in a refuse bin