Swamped Chapter 136 Page 30

All you’ve really got to go on is your gut, and it’s telling you to let her have the sword. You nod.

Drip tosses the blade at her, still in the sheath. She grabs it, and then a moment later, there’s a very bright flash from the aura and you can’t see anything at all.

It takes a while before your eyes adjust again. You don’t see the aura, you don’t see the distortion around Arlene, you see a rather large green egg in her hands, and you see some kind of strange black liquid in the midst of what used to be slime.

Drip seems to still be dazed. He must have seen the same flash you did.

Arlene’s got her mask back on, naturally.

“Oh, good,” she says. “You were just staring blankly for a minute there. I wondered if I needed to splash seawater on your face.”

“There was a very bright aura,” you start to explain. “Then it got brighter…”

You pause.

“Marian. She probably needs help more than we do.”

“She’s just lying on the ground. Guess we could splash her, and if that doesn’t work, take her to the hospital. It’s not too far, after all.”

“They’re probably still on lockdown, though,” you mutter. “But I guess we’ll try waking her first. I’ll see if I can get the priest to his senses.”

You walk over to Drip, and wave a hand in front of his face.

“You all right there?” you ask.

No response, so you shake him a little. He looks confused, but that’s an improvement.

“I’ve never seen an aura flare like that,” he says. “Normally, when a life fades, the aura simply vanishes. But then, that was no normal aura…”

He suddenly trails off, and points at something behind you. You turn to look, and see the ship in the distance.

You were fairly sure the aura in the slime and the one around the ship were connected, but you don’t know how that could explain what you’re seeing right now.

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It’s like there’s an aura of multiple pods of sea creatures guiding the ship