Swamped Chapter 136 Page 29

Except you don’t see where it lands. It’s right in the aura, much too bright for you to actually spot it. The one thing you can tell is that you’re feeling resistance – something’s struggling with the net.

You hope it’s Arlene, but the way this night’s gone, you can’t take that for granted. Either way, you suppose your best move is to pull the damn thing in as best you can.

“Stuck!” Arlene suddenly calls out. Did you grab her after all? Or is she trying to take the egg out, and it’s stuck?

You don’t know. So you pull a little harder. And you clearly see a small glimpse of motion from the core as you do.

You find yourself hoping that the egg is hatching, just because that’s about the only explanation you can make sense of. Otherwise, something else is fighting back, and you’ve got no idea what that could be…

“Sword!” Arlene cries. She sounds worried. Drip glances your way; it looks like he’s leaving it up to you whether to answer her request.

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Dangerous though it sounds for everyone involved, go with your gut and toss her the sword