Swamped Chapter 136 Page 28

If you’d thought ahead, you could have grabbed another net and perhaps tried to throw it at the egg – getting the mask might have let you demand the egg as leverage. But the nets all seem to be near Drip. You don’t know that you have time to call out to him to throw one.

On the other hand, you’re still near the water, and you have the artifacts. Perhaps there’s something you can do with that. You point them towards the water, hoping to bring in the tide or something. Maybe an idea will come to you when you see what you can manage.

Such as making the net Drip threw at you earlier float to the surface. You aren’t sure how you did that, but it’s something. With a little more manipulation, you manage to make it wash up on shore, and the water recedes afterwards.

Arlene is still struggling, but she’s getting close to the core. You run for the net, and fling it – you don’t feel you have time to aim, so you just hope it hits the egg, Arlene, or the mask. You can worry about what to do next once you see where it lands.

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It’s caught something! And it’s struggling to break free! But through the aura you can’t really tell if it’s Arlene or something else…