Swamped Chapter 136 Page 27

The easiest way you can think of is to throw something at her. But another net would probably just get her stuck again, and about all you’ve got at hand are two divine artifacts, a breather mask, and her sword. The first three probably wouldn’t have enough force to knock her back, and the last is dangerous to throw. Not to mention, if she catches it, she’ll be more threatening.

There’s the remnants of your makeshift shovel, but that’s too close to the core. So that doesn’t help much. And everything else you’re carrying is lighter than the mask.

Okay. So maybe you can’t knock her back. But if you were on the other side of the object, she’d follow you there. Wouldn’t do much good if you just walked around, since she’d probably chase you. But if you can keep her in place…

“Can you hit her legs with a net?” you ask Drip. He nods, and runs to fetch the discarded one. He flings the net, and Arlene winds up tripping over it.

You don’t waste the chance. You run as fast as you can, trying to keep your distance from the core. Luckily, Arlene’s still confused enough that it takes her a while to get the net clear, and what movements she makes are in the direction of the core. By the time you’ve gotten into position, she’s right next to it.

She’s reaching for her mask, though. So you aren’t quite done. You need to somehow get her to take the egg or whatever it is while she’s fighting the influence.

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Can you try to lasso the “egg” with a net? Even if you miss and entangle the mask or Arlene, she might knock the thing free while disentangling it or herself.