Swamped Chapter 136 Page 25

You glance down at Drip. He seems to be staring at the aura.

“Any idea what to make of that?” you ask.

“Only that we should probably get that unfortunate woman away from there before doing anything else,” he says. He glances around. “I believe the safest way to do that is with one of the nets.”

He seems fine now, if a little dazed. He picks up a net and hands the other end to you.

“If we walk around, we may be able to catch her in it without directly touching her,” he says. You nod, and carefully walk past the strange mass. Drip walks to the other side, and then you both lift up the net and run for Marian.

You manage to pull her away, and then your head starts pounding. Drip starts holding his, as well.

“It seems she was attempting to hold off this force,” he groans. “Something in there is suffering, and Reth believes it must be saved.”

“Any idea how?” You’re kind of hoping that a priest knows auras better than you do. You’re also wondering why a priest of Nual is bringing up Reth, but that’s not exactly one of your top priorities right now.

He glances at you, at the unconscious Marian, and at Arlene, who’s still struggling with the net she’s caught in.

“I believe your costumed friend there is key. She should not be sensitive to either ether or auras, which will prevent the pain from affecting her.” He pauses. “But it seems that lack of sensitivity is also why she is still under this foul influence.”

So. You just need to get Arlene to her senses somehow. Despite not really knowing exactly what’s taken them from her. Yeah, that’s bound to be easy.