Swamped Chapter 136 Page 24

You’re fairly sure what she’s doing involves ether somehow. Channeling it into the wood, like it’s a staff, perhaps? You aren’t completely clear on how that works.

After a minute or so, the handle seems to crumble into dust. But the dust doesn’t fall. In fact, Marian still seems to be able to hold it. She pulls it loose from the makeshift shovel, and then plunges it into the slime.

Then she screams. Loudly.

It doesn’t last for long, but judging by the fact that she’s not moving and her mouth is hanging open, you think that’s just because she’s fallen unconscious. Still standing, though…

Well, now she’s floating. You suspect that whatever she was planning has gotten away from her.

Although it does seem to be quite effective on the slime, which looks to be reacting similarly to the wood. Falling apart and yet staying in place. Which means you can actually get a good look at what’s in the core.

Or rather, you could if its aura hadn’t brightened considerably. You’ve never seen one this strong before. Then again, you’ve never seen one as large as its partner around the ship either.

The aura is completely drowning out whatever object is producing it. But, you can catch a tiny shadow of a different color somewhere in it. As if there’s something in there with a separate aura.

Well. Now what?

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Check to see if Drip is more lucid or less while this thing is being disrupted or exposed. Then try to help Marian before she floats away!