Swamped Chapter 136 Page 20

He’s got a net.

You don’t know where he got it, you don’t know how good his throwing arm is, and you don’t know if his aim is any better than Arlene’s. But you do know it’s hard to accurately hit a target who’s surrounded by mist, and you also know you can identify auras with your eyes closed.

So you just stay still and close your eyes. The mist surrounds you, and you slip to the side. You hear the net landing.

Then you run. You think Arlene is already throwing, but mistflower’s no danger to you at all. And Drip seems to be trying to get another net ready.

You’re on him before he has the chance. But then you feel a blade at your back – you forgot just how fast Arlene can move.

You do, however, have the sleeve with the artifacts pressed against Drip. He’s a priest of Nual, so perhaps the artifacts will help to protect his mind.

You hear a faint groan from him. Your eyes are still closed, so you can see clearly that the distortion in his aura is fading.

Of course, that doesn’t directly help you with this sword, does it.