Swamped Chapter 136 Page 19

At the end of the day, even if they’re under some strange influence, Arlene and the priest are still human. You’re fairly sure you can at least escape two humans, though maybe not with the slime.

You aren’t nearly so sure about your ability to handle whatever’s in the water. So you run for shore.

As you get closer, Arlene flings something at you. You get out of the way, but you have a hunch it might be more than just a throwing weapon.

And, indeed, you soon find some thick fog surrounding you. Must have been a mistflower. Probably meant to distract you, but you’re close enough to the edge that you just run out of it.

However, as you run forward further, you hear some very strange noises. You glance back, and notice that the mist has been swallowed up by the water.

That doesn’t explain the noise on its own, but perhaps your pursuers have been caught in it. Well, you don’t think you have time to investigate. Arlene’s already preparing another throw, and Drip seems to be doing something as well.

You aren’t too concerned about the mistflower, but it could be a distraction from whatever the priest is planning. Maybe you can work that out ahead of time and prepare yourself accordingly.

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Where’d he get that net from?

It doesn’t matter; tackle him with your divine artifacts in hand, hoping his holy connection will knock him out of this weird influence.