Swamped Chapter 136 Page 17

You wonder if you can fine-tune the shape of the water by manipulating the artifacts. With a little experimentation, you manage to get a position with smooth surfaces on your left and right, and curved ones in front and behind you.

And the route ahead is more or less the route you already traversed. At least up to a point where you can see the surface properly. So now the reflections are clear on your sides, but not in front of you. Of course, if they’re in front of you, they’ll likely get caught in the dry zone when you advance.

That means the only safe place for them if they don’t want to be seen is behind you. And indeed, you notice some bubbles in the distance as you glance to your left and right. Probably left behind as they rushed away.

Now seems like your best chance to run, so you start pushing the slime again. You hear splashes behind you, but only a few. You think you’ve managed to confuse them.

And a few minutes later, you feel a cool breeze. You’re in shallow enough waters that your bubble is touching the open air. It shouldn’t take you long to get out.

But it also becomes clear that you’ve got a new problem to deal with.

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