Swamped Chapter 136 Page 16

Wait. You’re looking for a mirror when you’re surrounded by water.

But the reflections aren’t especially clear right now. From what you know of trick mirrors, this probably has to do with the shape. The light’s hitting it at unusual angles and that’s making it hard to sort through what’s a reflection and what’s on the other side. If it were smoother, that might give you a better view and make it harder for them to stay out of sight.

Well, the artifacts are what’s responsible for the shape. You’ve currently got them stuffed in your sleeve so you don’t have to give much thought to them. Could you shift the shape somehow, perhaps by moving the artifacts?

You pull one towards your hand. The bubble noticeably shrinks, but the leaks don’t seem to be happening any more. Of course, it won’t take these things long to start hitting it again, and you’ll have less space to react to them…

But the curve is different now. The reflections are actually more distorted, but that makes it easier to tell what is and isn’t a reflection. Even if you can’t tell what something is, you can get a pretty good idea of where. It should take them some time to work out your blind spots.

Especially if you can pull some kind of bluff to confuse them about that.

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Well, you remember the terrain you crossed on your way here, so you don’t need to see that. Shape the water so that you can see to either side but not where you’re going, but act like you *can* see where you’re going.