Swamped Chapter 136 Page 15

You have so few options that you’re not sure you even really think about striking the attacker with your shovel, you just do it.

Your foot feels loose again, but whatever you’ve struck hasn’t cried out in pain or anything. And they’re gone by the time you manage to have a look.

So is the slime that was in the shovel. You aren’t sure if that means they fled with it, or if the two things destroyed each other.

And the water’s gotten high enough to start soaking through your shoes. With more splashes happening around you.

One thing’s become clearer, though. They made a move for you. That means they probably won’t let you just run. Whatever their main goal is, you don’t think they’re inclined to leave a witness.

But you’re not sure just how permanently you shook that one off. You could bait them again, but if you do the same trick you just did, will you be thinning the numbers or just slowing them down slightly? And what if you get attacked by more than one at a time?

Actually, if you could get all of them going for you directly instead of hitting the bubble, that might let you find an opening. But you’ve got no clue how they think. About all you know is they don’t seem to want to be seen.

For a brief moment, you wish you had that trick mirror from the crypt. You could probably confuse them about just where you can see, and work from there.

Then you start thinking about how you might be able to pull that off without a mirror.

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The bending surface of the water being pushed away from the divine artifacts is refracting light. Get the artifacts farther apart and you can make the water’s surface smooth, letting you see through it.