Swamped Chapter 136 Page 11

You think for a moment. If you can’t get better tools here, maybe you can get the slime to someplace with better tools. All you have at hand is the plank…

But maybe the reaction only happens if the wood touches it directly. If you had something else attached, you could use it as a handle and push the slime along.

Well. You notice that the floor’s made of a different material. Which makes sense – the slime is sitting on it and doesn’t seem to be reacting. And looking more closely at the fallen wall, it took a decent chunk of floor out with it.

Now you need a way to attach it. The seaweed nearby seems like your best bet. You grab some particularly sturdy-looking strands, and tie the floor to the end of the plank.

An experimental shove seems to go fine. You start moving the slime back towards shore.

But just as you think you’re getting somewhere, you hear a noise behind you.

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Use the plank as a shovel to push the pile toward the shore

A sudden splash! Is it the legendary merpeople?

Or is it the water crashing in as the holy artifacts cease to keep the water at bay?