Swamped Chapter 136 Page 7

Well, if you just want to get a look, it doesn’t have to be a very big hole. You put both the stone fish and the shell in one hand, and reach into your hair with another to pull out a pin.

You’re not skilled enough to get nails out with it, but you can pierce wood at least. You bend the pin and poke as hard as you can, then make a few more holes to help you see inside.

And what you see is a mass of green. You can’t get a clear enough look to tell if it’s fur or scales or something else, just that it’s green. It also doesn’t seem to be moving.

Well. If it’s not moving, then it’s not going to be able to hurt you if you let it out. So you feel it’s worth taking a chance. Provided, of course, you can get it out of there…

And then you glance at the artifacts in your other hand. You’ve made a hole, so maybe some water pressure can help you out here. You step back a bit, and the water fills in the space where you were standing.

Then you walk back towards it. The water violently pushes away from you, taking the far wall of the structure with it. That gives you a chance to walk around and investigate more closely, and see just what you’ve released.

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A greenish slime, rippling with graying blade-like fronds, clumped around a mass that’s roughly the size and shape of a person in a fetal position. Are there bones poking through?