Swamped Chapter 136 Page 6

It’s a wooden structure of some sort, sitting in the seaweed. Hard to make out any more details. It looks a bit like a very tiny house.

When you close your eyes, you can tell there’s definitely an aura inside. It doesn’t seem like a human one, though. Maybe this is a cage of sorts.

You’re also getting an odd feeling. It’s hard to describe it as anything other than stagnancy – a lack of motion where you’d expect it. You can’t quite get a bearing on it, though – maybe it exists in that odd zone Grandmother told you about, somewhere in between ether and auras.

You step a little closer to the structure. This close up, it looks like just a mass of boards. And you’re starting to feel that whatever is inside it is in pain. You’re not used to getting this much information from auras, and it’s a little unsettling. Is the pain that intense?

Well. If the mechanism is built around this creature’s pain somehow, then the obvious course of action is to let it go. You don’t know exactly what that will do, but you’re also not seeing many other options. At the very least, you want to see what sort of creature it is to get a better sense of the risk.

You didn’t exactly bring any carpentry tools with you, though, so you’ll need some other way to break a hole in this wooden prison.

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Use a hairpin to poke a hole into it.