Swamped Chapter 135 Page 14

The best idea you have is sounding obstinate. It might not convince her, but it will at least ensure Burgundy remembers you.

“If you were that concerned about it, you could have kept the ropes on the bed,” you grumble. “I’ve been feeling a need to stretch my legs.”

“Hang on, you had him tied down?” Brian asks.

“I’d been hit with a dose of a toxin that made me violent. It’s cleared up now.”

“That isn’t the problem,” Susan says, annoyed. “You’re more tired than you realize. You definitely shouldn’t be doing manual labor like that, you might collapse!”

“The bucket isn’t that heavy, even with water,” you say. “Anyhow, I shouldn’t need to do it any more. We just need to clear the drain, and then most of the water will go down it. Not to mention, this young man can take over for me.”

She’s clearly not happy with letting a patient push her around, but she seems to be weighing her options and deciding that dealing with the leak is more important.

“All right, fine. We’ll go in and take a look.”

“One more thing,” Burgundy interjects. “We’ve got a hunch something in there might be missing. It’d be good if you could take a look after the drain’s cleared.”

“If you say so,” she mutters, heading in. The rest of you follow her, and the knights resume bailing.

“First thing we’ve got to do is take that tube off,” Susan sighs. “Which is going to mean more water.”

“I can handle that. You be ready with the line.”

You both kneel down near the drain. First, you lift up the tube, then Susan fits the hook through the drain, with some difficulty. Then she starts lowering the line. You feel it’s best not to comment, she’s clearly annoyed already.

About a minute later, she starts reeling it up. The water starts draining, slowly.

“I opened up a bit of a hole. Not great, but it gets the job done. Too much work to do more than that right now, though,” she sighs. She reels the hook up the rest of the way, and pulls it through the drain.

Then she frowns.

“This doesn’t look like something you’d normally find in a sewage pipe,” she says, staring at the odd substance caught on the hook.

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