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“It’s not a severe enough problem to cause a big distraction,” he says, opening the door. “So my guess is that they stole something in here, and made this big mess so it would be harder for us to figure out it’s missing.”

Hmm. He seems even more guarded than usual as he mentions something was stolen. Does he have some idea what it was? Or is his mind on another theft?

“Is that really necessary? I’ve heard there have been a lot of thefts lately. It would probably be written off as just another of those.”

Burgundy pauses in the middle of pouring his water.

“We’re in lockdown,” he says, as though something’s just struck him. “People can’t get out of here very easily. The thief’s got to either wait it out, or find a way to escape. Either way, they need time.”

“And they’ve got more time if nobody’s able to look in the room and figure out something was stolen,” you realize. “So they’re probably still here.”

“Unless they’re one of two people we let go out,” Burgundy mutters. “In which case, I’m a damn fool.”

Minnie and Crow. You’re fairly sure they didn’t do this – neither of them has any magical ability. And Crow certainly wouldn’t know anyone who does, aside from you. But you haven’t brought up magic yet, so you leave that aside for now.

“Well, we’ve got a whole hospital full of other suspects to check first. We can do something if the thief is here, we can’t do much right now if it’s one of them. And either way, I think the first step is to get a nurse to figure out what’s stolen.”

At that moment, Brian returns, bringing along Susan. She’s carrying a fishing rod.

“Don’t ask me where I got this,” she grumbles. Then she glances at you. “Shouldn’t you be in bed?”

This would have been easier if it were Evan. Well, not much you can do except try to convince her you’re fine.

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