Swamped Chapter 135 Page 12

Well. He’s a military man, and with Resk’s hat, you could pass for a naval officer. That seems like a starting point.

But you still have to approach from the right angle. Probably tactics.

“So what do you make of all this? The call for lockdown, and this sabotaged shower. Think there’s any connection?”

Burgundy pauses to dump his water out, then shakes his head.

“The lockdown’s supposed to be for gas,” he mutters. “If you clog the drain, gas can’t get out either. Doesn’t make sense.”

Interesting. You head back in.

“And it’s probably not someone trying to stop the gas from coming up through the drain, since I’m sure there are far easier ways to do that,” you muse. “Even if you don’t care about flooding the shower, there’s no reason to go out of your way to do that. So are we just dealing with a prankster, perhaps?”

Burgundy takes another pause as he crouches down and fills his bucket. You do the same.

“Don’t think so,” he says. “You said they melted ice. Probably a lot of it. Would be tough to get it in here unnoticed.”

Considering how big the bags from Patterson’s were, he has a point. Maybe it’s worth looking into who’s handled the ice since it was brought here.

“Well, if they’re not the same people trying to gas us, and they aren’t trying to stop the gas, and they’re not just pranksters, then what do you think they want?”

Burgundy starts walking out, and you follow. Just before he reaches the door, though, he gives his answer.

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They could be practicing on us.