Swamped Chapter 135 Page 11

“Well, most likely something’s clogged in the drain. We’d only need to loosen the clog a little.” You think a little harder. “If we had a fishing rod, we might be able to get the hook and line down there, and maybe clear some of it. And fishing rods can’t be that rare in a port town…”

Burgundy looks thoughtful for a moment.

“Solid idea there. I doubt they’ve got fishing tackle here, but they might have something similar. Brian, hand your bucket to this gentlemen and go ask the staff about that.”

“Can’t he take care of it?” Brian grumbles. But another sharp look from Burgundy indicates that no, you can’t. Brian hands over the bucket and rushes out.

You grab a bucketful of water and carry it out. Burgundy isn’t very talkative, so it seems you’ll have to be the one to get this conversation going.

And you don’t think small talk will do the trick. He’s too serious for that. No, you’ll need to immediately get on a subject that will catch his interest.

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He’s a military man… Maybe you can talk about cannons.