Swamped Chapter 135 Page 10

It’s a crumpled-up piece of paper, and it’s badly soaked. You can barely make out anything on it. The only recognizable word is “theater”, and there’s a drawing of a hand holding something, but you can’t tell what’s in the hand at this point.

But that’s not all. The bottom half is charred. And there’s traces of fire ether on it. So your ice theory is looking better – especially the part where the culprit isn’t very good at magic yet. Lighting something on fire is much easier than sustaining it.

At the same time, the drain is backing up. So something else must be going wrong.

You don’t have time to go any further in your thought process when the knights come back through the door.

“You find anything?” Burgundy asks. He’s very curt about it.

“The drain’s backed up. Something might be going wrong down in the sewers. But I suspect someone may have melted ice up here, as well.” You hold up the charred pamphlet. “Unless one of you gentlemen left this behind?”

“Wasn’t me,” Brian grumbles. “And I know this guy isn’t the type to litter.”

Hmm. You think you caught a glimmer of recognition in his eyes, though. As though he knows what it is. But you doubt he’ll be very open to questioning, especially when he’s busy.

“Right now, I don’t care as much about how this happened as I do about how we can fix it,” Burgundy says. “Not sure it’s safe to go poking in the sewers, though. If you’ve got ideas on what we can do short of that, I’m all ears.”

Well. If you could think of something, that would help a lot in starting a conversation with him.

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