Swamped Chapter 135 Page 7

“Well, Burgundy said if things went bad, we might need our masks,” says the taller woman. “So he told Brian to clean ’em all. I figure he’ll come back with whichever ones are clean after he’s done chewin’ Brian out.”

“No doubt,” you reply. “Well, hopefully things don’t get that bad.”

And you wander off. Hopefully they just figure you’re a restless patient. There’s certainly enough of them tonight.

If Brian is cleaning the masks, he’s most likely gone to the shower. You know where that is, so you go on over.

You do see the man with the scar, and another knight. They’re dumping buckets of water into a barrel, then rushing back in. That’s odd.

It certainly seems like an awkward time to start a conversation, but perhaps there’s a way you can help out. That might give you an opening to speak with Burgundy, preferably alone.

“Is everything…” you begin, as they pop out again.

“We’ve only got two buckets, so there’s not much another person can do,” Burgundy interjects.

“There should be chamber pots for the unused beds,” you point out. “Surely those would help?”

“They don’t work as well for picking up water. Might be good for storage when the barrel fills, though. We’re a ways off from worrying about that, though.”

And he dumps another bucketful in, then goes back in without another word.

Well. Now what do you do?

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Is there a leak? Where’s the water pressure coming from? I have some shipboard experience for whatever that’s worth…