Swamped Chapter 135 Page 3

But you draw a blank. You barely know anything about the man. You’ve got no idea what might draw his interest.

Best to find out, then. You do keep an ear open as you walk over to the knights, just in case, but you don’t hear much except the occasional groan of pain. Some of which are very clearly exaggerated.

You suppose you may as well listen in on the conversation before asking questions, though. They might drop a clue without you needing to present yourself.

“You ask me, Burgundy’s the real nut,” a woman grumbles. “What kind of person goes out to live and fight in a swamp by choice?”

“A soldier, that’s what kind.” This is another woman’s voice, but more serious. “I know his type well. He thinks the fight in the swamp is important, so he goes out and fights in it. There’s nothing more to it than that.”

Burgundy. That’s his name, you remember that much. It seems a bit less painful to recall now that you’ve heard someone say it, even if they didn’t attach it to him specifically.

“If he thinks it’s so damn important, he could show a bit more appreciation to people like us who drop our lives to fight it. Not mock us just because we made hats first.”

“I won’t defend him. I’m just saying that’s why he’s the way he is. I’m not asking you to think it’s a good reason.”

Hmm. Seems to mainly be these two talking. But you notice one of the knights is holding something a little bit odd.

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Looks like a bell… Maybe they’re standing guard, ready to raise an alarm. Or is that the emergency exit bell?