Swamped Chapter 134 Page 19

“Did anyone else feel that?”

You’re about to ask what he’s feeling, but then it becomes clear. The ground is shaking a little bit. Oh hells, are you back to worrying about tunnelers?

You definitely hear some noises outside, so you take a look. A group of six muckbeasts is charging through the streets.

Long’s muckbeast howls at them, but they just howl back aggressively. No idea what that’s about.

“Muckbeasts rampaging through town now!” the smith exclaims. “I knew your damn Guild would bring nothing but trouble.”

“We didn’t -” Badger starts to protest.

“Maybe you didn’t, but I’ll wager whoever did has something to do with your dirty business. They probably wouldn’t even be here if Flame wasn’t.”

You don’t know what all that’s about, and frankly you’re not sure it’s any of your business. Your main concern right now is figuring out where, exactly, all those muckbeasts are headed.

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