Swamped Chapter 134 Page 14

“Now, the details involved some words that my source didn’t know very well. But the basic idea is, this creature feeds on time. It can just walk up to someone and eat their time, leaving them stuck in place. As it grows stronger, though, the impacts get worse. It can consume forwards, making things decay much faster. Or it can consume backwards, feeding on memories. Or maybe making its victim’s past just, not happen.”

That all seems weird, and you’re a bit disturbed by it.

“So, what, you think this person decayed into nothing?” you ask. “And that’s why I didn’t see them?”

“Well, there’s another possibility, though a faint one,” Badger continues. “If someone has their time eaten, I don’t see any reason it couldn’t be restored through time magic. But you’d need a wizard capable of using it, and, well, there’s a reason it’s only spoken of in legends.”

Spade frowns.

“I can read you like a book, Badger. You say it’s doubtful, but you think it’s what happened.”

“I think our enemy has some access to time magic, but they don’t understand it very well,” Badger says carefully. “That’s my hunch after what I’ve seen. So they can’t do anything as advanced as travelling through time, but they could change the rate time flows for one person, say. Even then, I expect they’ve only got one wizard with the capability.”

“And what makes you so sure of that?” Long asks. He’s been quiet for a while, but he seems to be taking a sudden interest.

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It would explain some phenomena localized around the enemy’s leadership, which hasn’t seen a lot of new blood, aside from the recent off shore “alliance.”