Swamped Chapter 134 Page 13

“The page I brought said something to the effect of, time isn’t the domain of any one god. Rather, they all share responsibility for its flow.” Badger starts gesturing heavily. “Time magic, then, is inherently unstable because any god might object to what you’re doing. It’s even worse if you travel through time, supposedly, because the gods can interfere at both your point of origin and the point you’re going to.”

Reminds you of those two sets of beetles running around in the hospital. You thought the past-Qlat and present-Qlat, relative to you, might be in disagreement. Though they probably settled it by the time you saw the bottle later.

“I hope that doesn’t have anything to do with what we’re dealing with tonight,” Spade grumbles. “Don’t like dealing with magic or gods any more than I have to.”

You really can relate.

“Well, I don’t know if our enemies are directly involved. But there’s more. That instability has the potential to…” Badger pauses. “This is probably going to sound weird even if you know how magic works. The instability of time magic can produce life. But it’s a strange form of life, that only exists within time itself. It can interact with the real world, but only through time magic. The whole passage was confusing, and my translator struggled with it. That was the part they were pretty sure about – at least, that something close to it was being described.”

“And you think that this time-creature froze the person you found before?” you ask. “Then what happened to them? Did I just not see them?”

Badger pauses.

“Well, there’s a line my translator was less sure about which might explain that. If their best guess on it’s right, anyways.”

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The time creature feeds off temporal momentum, possibly manifesting as a force of entropy and decay. But the feeding could be going forward in time, causing an accelerated form of decay as we know it, or backward it time, erasing memories.