Swamped Chapter 134 Page 3

“Well, since that Burgundy guy isn’t around, I guess I’ll thank you on his behalf,” you say. “Things were looking pretty scary for a while. I’m sure he appreciated having someone he could count on to watch the door.”

No response of any kind. But you’ve at least pushed the focus a little away from you, and you think it might be best to move it to your common foe. So you keep talking.

“Anyhow, I tried to distract some of the reinforcements. While I was waiting for a good chance to surprise a group, I overheard them say someone named Rennick had sent them to help out a guy named Heron.”

“Heron’s the one you knocked out,” says the leader. “Combative, but also smarter than he looks. We figured he wasn’t acting alone, but I’m surprised Rennick is involved. He normally stays out of power struggles.”

Interesting. Not that you’re sure what it means. You might as well keep this up, though. It seems to be building you some goodwill.

“Well, I also got a little info out of one of their guys. He said their main goal was keeping Badger from hiding out in here. Didn’t seem to know why, but maybe you can figure something out.”

The leader looks concerned. He pauses for a while, then turns to Long and asks him a question.

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Author’s Note:

There were no suggestions for this update.
So I went with the most obvious question to ask, given what’s happened in the story so far.