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“He didn’t tell me, I just know him as Wiz.” Then you pause for a moment to gather your thoughts, and remember an earlier conversation. “Oh, but a nurse called him Mr. Long. Don’t know if he’s a relative of this fellow, though.”

John Long doesn’t show any sort of response to that. It’s a little unnerving.

“I see,” your interrogator says. Then he goes quiet. He’s looking back and forth between you. Maybe thinking about what to ask next.

Well, from his point of view you’re a couple of interlopers who burst onto the scene. He probably doesn’t trust either of you, and you can’t really blame him. You sure don’t know anything about this John Long guy, other than that Burgundy apparently trusts him. And you’ve got no clue why that is.

Which gives you an idea, actually. You’ve got your own questions for Mr. Long. Maybe you should start asking some. If you ask the right ones, they might even convince the leader here that it’s safe to let you see Badger.

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Ask if he’s friends with those military fellows at the hospital who helped fend off the guild