Swamped Chapter 133 Page 12

He puts his fingers in his mouth and whistles. Soon after, you spot a muckbeast rushing through on the other side of the flames.

You’ve seen muckbeasts a few times tonight, though you can’t tell just how many you’ve seen in total. Maybe it’s just been the same one in different places. Of course, it seems the gangsters aren’t very familiar, and they start running.

“Stand and fight!” their leader shouts. “It’s just a damn beast, it’s not even that big!”

But his cries seem to be in vain. It doesn’t help much when the beast tackles him.

Still, he’s big enough to take the blow. It knocks him over, but he’s still conscious. And he seems especially annoyed.

“Well. If you want to play rough, I can too.”

He reaches for its neck. It snaps at him, but he’s undeterred.

You’ve hung around Rider long enough to know the scales on the neck aren’t as strong. Even a swamp beast is vulnerable there, it’s just harder to get close. A strong enough human could snap the neck with their bare hands, and this man looks like he might be able to do it.

The beast’s apparent master shouts something in another language, and you realize you recognize it. Rider uses the same language to give commands to Emerald without the Bogknights picking up on it. He’s calling for a retreat, so he’s probably made the same assessment you have. This guy’s dangerous.

The beast backs away, but stops suddenly. There’s a strange impression on the road behind it, which suddenly vanishes. It’s a little like a footprint.

The beast pauses, looking around in confusion. The delay gives Heron enough time to catch up and reach its neck. There’s a loud snap.

Oh hells, this is just like that damn latrine. You got a glimpse of what the future’s going to be like if you don’t do something. That beast is doomed, and you can’t face Rider if you just let it happen.

Since you doubt anyone else is getting these visions, that means it’s up to you to act.

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Run at the leader while shrieking your best muckbeast impression to make him think there’s another attacking him from another angle. Just a bluff, and you plan on running past him, but you can use the momentum to intercept him if he chases the beast