Swamped Chapter 133 Page 9

You can’t help but notice that the gangster you just punched has a mask hanging off their neck. The strap isn’t as good as yours, though. Probably not too comfortable to carry around.

Seems odd that a basically civilian group would even have these at all, though. Maybe you can get some answers from somebody about it later. You grab the mask, and then you think it’s best to run.

But you can’t tell which direction they’re coming from, so which way would you run in? You could get intercepted in any direction…

Any direction on the ground, that is. You think briefly about Setrus’ pet going for the rooftops. You’d probably be safe if you could do the same, but you’re not that good a climber. In your time, taller buildings have fire stairs to get out in emergencies, but those don’t seem to be standard issue yet.

Then you glance at the hole. Maybe up isn’t much of an option, but you can try going down.

You hurry down the ladder under it. The other gangster is out cold from the fall. That’s good for now, but they might alert the others if they wake up…

Which would be good for the group defending the hostel, but maybe not so much for you if they decide to go poking around for the runaway.

Well, it’s not like you can back out of this decision now. You’ll have even less time to get anywhere if you try going back up. So it’s probably best that you figure out what you’re doing fast.

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Follow the sewer back to the next manhole cover in the direction you came from. They’re probably not expecting you to double back.