Swamped Chapter 133 Page 7

You use the pause to take a good look at your opponent’s face. They’re actually frightened.

Well, you’ve been working out and you’re armored, plus you just flung something heavy in their direction. You might be more intimidating than you give yourself credit for.

In that case, why waste time fighting when you can be questioning?

“What’s with all the interest in the hostel?” you ask.

“I, I don’t know,” they say. Clearly shaken.

“Don’t give me that. You work for Rennick. He’d make sure you knew.”

They seem startled.

“How did you…” Now they’re hesitating. But you think you’ve hit on an effective approach. You take a step closer, and they get more nervous.

“We’re taking the hostel to keep one of our targets from hiding there,” they blurt out. “Don’t know anything else.”

“No?” you ask. You take another step forward. “Seems to me it would be hard to identify a target if you don’t know who it is. I doubt Rennick would send you over without at least a description, if not a name.”

They back away a couple of steps, and look around nervously. Their eyes turn to the lid briefly.

“Pretty sure I can close the distance before you can lift that up,” you say. “But maybe you’d like to test that?”

Now they’re outright panicked.

“All right! I know the target. I just don’t know why we’re going after them. And I mean that for real!”

“And who would that be?” you ask.

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